This mistake to never make when freezing bread!

Freezing bread allows you to keep it longer. You can do it with any type, but you have to know how to do it. Indeed, each type of bread freezes differently. What we are going to develop through this article. We will also detail the few mistakes to avoid during the freezing process.

Why should bread be frozen?

If you want to keep your breads fresh, you must freeze them. This is the best way to keep them. True, they will eventually go stale, but it will take longer. Especially if you do it right.

Note that some homemade breads have a short shelf life. Freezing them will allow you to keep them fresh for a little longer. If you leave them on the counter or in the pantry, they will change texture visibly. Half a day, and they won’t be as crispy anymore.

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Contrary to some homemade baguettes, store-bought bread stays fresh longer. The reason is that they contain preservatives. This is why, even exposed to air and humidity, they will take longer to mold.

Besides freezing, you can also wrap your loaves in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. to keep them fresh. This method is as effective, but not more so than the first.

Nevertheless, it will allow you to keep the crust of your baguettes crispy for a short time. Freezing bread also keeps its flavor intact. Once thawed, it will have a taste similar to that of fresh bread.

Different ways to freeze bread

Freezing bread can be done different waysbut in general, we proceed as such:

  • Wrap the bread tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Make sure all parts are covered.
  • Place it in an airtight freezer bag.
  • Seal the bag tightly and write the date on the label.

You can do it this way whether it’s homemade bread or commercial bread. Only, for the first, you have to wait for them to cool before freezing them.

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As for burgers or sandwiches, the freezing method is slightly different. Place them side by side in a single layer when putting them in the freezer bag.

You don’t have to stack them on top of each other or place them anyhow. You can also wrap them individually to prevent them from sticking together. It is recommended to do this if you have more than ten.

Note that this technique can also be used to freeze muffins, slices of zucchini bread, and bagels. For flatbreads like naan bread or pita, the freezing method is done this way:

  • Place them in the freezer bag or leave them in their original packaging. This is especially true for pita.
  • For more protection, they can be wrapped in aluminum foil.

For information, some breads stay fresh longer when they are permanently frozen. This is the case with sprouted breads like Ezekiel bread. They are sold frozen and should be stored at low temperatures. The thing is, they don’t contain enough preservatives.

Place for consumption

Even though freezing keeps bread fresh, there is still a limit. The maximum duration shelf life in the freezer is six months. Once this period is exceeded, your wand gradually deteriorates.

For this reason, it should not be allowed to mold in the freezer. It must be eaten before it changes in texture and taste. Note that to defrost the bread, can be done in various ways.

For example, one can take out of the freezer and let it thaw on the counter. It can also be placed in the refrigerator overnight to thaw slowly. Then, we take it out in the early morning to complete the process.

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