This Hérault restaurateur will close his establishment more often “for the well-being of our staff”

The chef of La Table de Stéphane will close his establishment for two and a half consecutive days for the well-being of his employees.

“It won’t solve all the recruiting problems, but it may encourage some to come back into the business.” Stéphane Lavaux, one of the best chefs in the city, took the decision to radically change his pace of work and that of his collaborators, “after twenty years when we closed on Saturday for lunch, Sunday evening and Monday. After a long reflection, for the well-being of our staff, we have taken the decision to be open on Saturday for lunch, but to close on Sunday evening, as well as Monday and Tuesday, all day, except for the summer months and long holiday weekends.

The well-being of employees taken into account

What may seem trivial at first glance, two and a half days of rest in a row, is not necessarily so when you “work hard” in catering. “This job requires a lot of labor and hours of work”, recognizes the chef of La Table de Stéphane. “I think it’s a considerable step forward, for our employees to feel better, to have a little more rest.”

According to him, “this decision was enthusiastically welcomed by our small team. “After the months of closure due to covid and the loss of meaning experienced by many employees in the sector, the time has come for some restaurateurs to wake up. . Stéphane Lavaux is one of them.

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