This cat’s atypical fur is causing a stir on TikTok (video)

Ashfur, a young Californian cat, became famous on the social network for his singular appearance, and greatly amused Internet users. Erin, his mistress, talks about the physical peculiarities of his animal.

All cats are born with unique coats. But few of them find themselves compared to the Phantom of the Operaas was the case for Ashfur. This one-year-old cat made the buzz on TikTok when his mistress published a video where we can observe a very particular face…


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the Phantom of the Opera is a character from the eponymous novel by Gaston Leroux (1910) then the musicalAndrew Lloyd Webber appeared in the 1980s. Like him, Ashfur takes on a “double face”: half-black, half-white.

The video has been viewed by more than two million users and commented on numerous times, including one user who renamed it ” The Ghost of Miou-Péra and by Andrew Lloyd Webber himself, delighted to welcome a ” new actor ” within his musical!

But where do these distinctive brands come from?

From the American newspaper Newsweek, Erin explains thatAshfur has developed a fever coat (caused by the mother’s pregnancy) and then vitiligo shortly after his adoption. These two factors have caused, over time, a depigmentation of the cat’s skin, as these two images show.

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phantomoftheopurra / TikTok

However, this does not cause any inconvenience to Ashfur who can continue to live normally, to the delight of its subscribers. The adventures of the cat are to follow on the page TikTok of his mistress, whose name phantomoftheopurra is a pun associating the character with the word purr in English (“ purr “).

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