This battery would explode the autonomy of the Tesla Model S

Has One Next Energy (ONE) achieved an unprecedented performance on a Tesla Model S? Anyway, that’s what Electrekrelayed by PhonAndroid, since the company specializing in battery technology claims to have doubled the autonomy of the car. Thanks to a new kind of battery, it would have made the Tesla travel the equivalent of 1,210 kilometers (752 miles) on a single charge. Until now, a Tesla Model S had never exceeded 650 kilometers.

By driving at a little less than 90 km/h, the car would have succeeded in this famous bet. In a press release, the company highlighted its know-how which “enabled an electric vehicle to travel 1,200 kilometers without being recharged”. To testify to the veracity of the facts, ONE has posted a two-minute video where a driver is on board the Tesla Model S. We follow his journey through Michigan with a loop around Detroit. Returning to the city, there are still 10% but the 1,100 kilometers have already been exceeded.

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A battery that keeps its mysteries

If at first, the American firm did not wish to reveal what this battery was made of in order to obtain such performance, it finally answered Electrek : “The battery system has an energy density of approximately 416 Wh/L and uses a nickel-cobalt-manganese cathode and a graphite anode”. Very technical details, to which were added some details: “The pack added 331 kg in total to the initial mass of the battery while adding 99.8 kWh of energy. The density of the tested pack was 231 Wh /kg”.

For the moment, this battery is still in the test stage and marketing is not yet planned, not to mention the price that a technology would imply. One Next Energy also says it is working on other projects and prototypes for the coming year. In November, Capital tested a trip in a Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie between Paris and Bordeaux. It had taken several stops and reloads to reach the final destination.

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