This American pickup falls into a ditch

A video released on the Reddit network revealed an original scene to us. Filmed by a motorist, a pick-up took the switchbacks as a drift track. Unfortunately, the sequel earned him a memorable fall.

Knowing how to drift is not given to everyone. Especially when you hit the road behind the wheel of a pick-up. This motorist paid the price for driving too ambitiously. After a few turns, the car disappeared from the screen!

Who is clever falls into the ravine

Neither the traffic nor the weather could have bothered this motorist. In full sun on a american roadthis pickup Ford probably took a heat stroke! In a climb in the middle of a desertthis 4×4 voluntarily (or not?) took a few turns in drifting. A dangerous but assumed driving since we see the pick-up performed this action twice. But after two strokes of luck, the vehicle brakes and goes off the road to fall into a ravine. The result does not allow us to determine if the driver was able to get out of his vehicle and avoid the disaster, but the scene remains impressive nonetheless.

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Drifting, automotive discipline

The ” skid in French is originally a street racing illegal practiced on mountain roads. The objective is to control his vehicle by sliding it from one end of the road to the other. Some self-confidence is desired to avoid ending up off the road. Or training in driving and driving skills! We do not improvise pilot.

The film Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift is famous for this kind of practice. We see the main actor Lucas Black, learning to drift throughout the film released in 2006. It is at the wheel of a Ford Mustang Fastback of 1964 that he succeeds in winning the final duel in the Japanese mountains. The adventure will have lasted less long for This pick-up which will have to call for an express repair.

Discover the drifts of this pick-up in the video below:

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