This 89-year-old grandma had the most amazing birthday ever thanks to her 10 dogs

A touching scene made the rounds on social media. An 89-year-old grandmother has realized her dream: to celebrate her birthday with very special guests. Indeed, if some dream of welcoming celebrities for the occasion, or of organizing parties in idyllic places, this retiree has expressed a completely different desire. It is surrounded by its 10 dogs that she wanted to mark the occasion.

maria, a Brazilian grandmother, was able to enjoy the company of her 10 faithful companions. It’s his daughter, Vitoria Abencoada, who shared several images of this extraordinary celebration. The young woman is an influencer on Instagram and is followed by nearly 70,000 people. She shares her daily life, too, surrounded by dogs.

A very special birthday

Vitoria thus shared a video of her grandmother on Instagram. The latter displays a wide smile, seated alongside the canines. On the table, several gourmet dishes have been installed. And there is something for everyone! Cookies for the animals and a beautiful birthday cake for the old lady. The video has already been seen by nearly 100,000 people.

The comments are just as numerous. Internet users are softened by the happiness of the grandmother. The latter claps her hands, while singing the famous birthday song, in Portuguese. Each dog is installed on a chair, around the table. A superb scene, which Internet users are not used to seeing on a daily basis.

A happy grandmother

This is what happiness looks like “, in particular shared a user of Instagram. All the comments highlight Maria’s bliss on the video. ” They are the best company in life. The love of a pet is priceless. “, shared a surfer. ” This affection priceless! added another.

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Internet users moved by the video

The sequence is as endearing as it is hilarious. Indeed, although the domestic animals are very well behaved, one of them stamps in front of the dishes laid out on the tablecloth. He tries to approach the foodstuffs, but is surprised by the video. Images that have not failed to make you smile Maria as well as Internet users.

On her Instagram account, Vitoria described Maria as a grandmother who loves “sharing time and space with animals “. ” That’s why you can always find her cuddle your dogs “added the young woman. The retiree thus spends her days organizing numerous activities for her faithful companions.

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