They try everything to find their lost cat on a ferry between Corsica and Toulon

They crossed France and the Mediterranean in both directions to find their cat. At the foot of the Faron, a tremendous mobilization of animal friends has raised all hopes. But at the time of writing these lines, Mousse, a pretty 2-year-old tomcat, is still missing, somewhere between Porto-Vecchio and Toulon. Here is the touching story of Catherine and Louis which, for the moment, does not end well.

At the beginning of October, this couple from La Rochelle left for Corsica for a few days, renting a van and bringing along a dog and a cat for the occasion. When they returned from vacation, on the night of October 18 to 19, on the ferry heading for the continent, they left the little feline inside the vehicle, parked in the ship’s garage. “We just opened the roof window a centimeter or two, so he could breathe better”says Katherine.

A gesture that she bitterly regrets today. “He managed to escape that way…” The couple only realizes the disappearance in the early morning, when they land in Toulon. But it is already too late. Impossible to search the hold in good conditions: the agitation and the noise of the engines are significant. And the Mega Emeralda ship from the Corsica Ferries group, must set sail as soon as the last passenger disembarks.

“He was able to escape during a stopover…”

Heartbroken, the couple has no choice but to return to La Rochelle. “We had to return the van and we had important meetings.” Nevertheless, Catherine and Louis do not give up. They post calls for help on social networks and plan to return to the South as soon as possible.

900km later, they are there. On Wednesday, they even bought a new round trip between Toulon and Porto-Vecchio with the aim of being able to discreetly search the ship during the crossing! In vain.

Finally, the captain of the Mega Emerald and the company, solicited for days by animal associations, will allow the unfortunates to scrutinize every nook and cranny of the boat, yesterday morning. This, in silence, for several hours, while the ferry prolongs its stopover in the harbour. “We had Lof, our dog with us, who is friends with Mousse. We also had croquettes. We called him. But nothing…”

The emotion is there. Before leaving, “exhausted”, the people of La Rochelle took care to put up a few posters of Mousse in town, as they had been able to do on the Isle of Beauty. And to scrutinize the slightest trace of their charming ball of fur around the port. A tour of the side of the refuges taught them nothing.

Nevertheless, “hope” remains: “He was able to escape from the ferry during the stopoversimagine Catherine. Who knows, at this hour, he may be tasting a mouse in a street in Toulon…”


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