they discover a savanna monitor in their swimming pool

By Tiphanie Naud

On Sunday October 2, firefighters captured a reptile in a private swimming pool. The animal was returned to its owners

Surprise for these inhabitants of Saint-Pierre d’Irube, in the Basque Country, who certainly wanted to take advantage of their swimming pool on a sunny Sunday, October 2. But the place was taken by a “big lizard”, as the firefighters tell on their Facebook page.

The animal technical adviser of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service identified the animal as a savannah monitor.

An animal team captured the reptile.

An animal team captured the reptile.

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A pair of firefighters captured the reptile. Which had obviously decided to flee his home and see a bit of the country. “In good health although in slight hypothermia, the animal could be returned to its owners thanks to its electronic chip. He found his terrarium with its 35 degrees, ”indicate the firefighters.

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