They cancel their reservation because their child is sick, the restaurant charges them 250 euros

Forced to cancel their dinner at a starred restaurant to take their child to the hospital, the client couple still paid the full price, in accordance with the establishment’s policy.

The owners of the restaurant remained adamant. A couple residing in the city of Cork (Ireland) recently experienced a doubly unpleasant mishap. When they had planned a romantic dinner at the luxurious Bastion restaurant, the lovers spent their evening in the hospital due to a medical emergency affecting their child, but were still charged by the restaurant for canceling too much their reservation late.

Customers denounce a “total lack of empathy”

According to, the couple’s bank card was debited with the sum of 250 euros the same evening! As the Belgian media indicates, the restaurant was content to apply “the clearly stipulated cancellation policy” on its website, but on the customers’ side, the particularly salty note for a meal which they did not have. benefited logically had trouble passing.

The couple left an indignant opinion on the internet. “My most sincere thanks to Bastion for his lack of understanding, particularly ironically the dad who had to cancel his reservation to take his sick child to the hospital. What a total lack of empathy for the traumatic situation in which we found ourselves .”

“We apply the same rules to all our customers”

“We charged you because you warned us of the cancellation of a table for two people thirty minutes before the service, wrote in response the owner of the restaurant, quoted by Your table remained empty all the evening, and all the food we had prepared for you and your wife had to be thrown away.”

The starred restaurant explained that it follows this policy because, due to its limited number of tables, reservations are made several months in advance and cannot be replaced in such a short time. “I understand that your family had an emergency, but whatever happens, we apply the same rules to all our customers, thus supported the owner, sure of her fact. We do not choose to whom we charge the expenses of cancellation, because I don’t think it’s fair.”

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