They bury “their” cat crushed by a car, but the latter reappears at home a few hours later

He didn’t really come back from the dead, but that’s probably what the family of a cat named Biff thought for a moment when they saw him reappear, when they thought they had him. buried a few hours earlier. Yesterday’s imbroglio shook a peaceful little English village.

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The owner of a cat who thought he had buried him had the surprise of his life when he returned home the same day, alive and well and as if nothing had happened. A story told by Daily Star this Friday, September 30.

The master in question runs a pub, the Plow Inn. The property is located in the village of Long Whittenham in the county ofOxfordshirenear’Oxford and about fifty kilometers west of London.

On the morning of Thursday, September 29, he experienced the moment that every pet owner dreads, the announcement of the death of his 4-legged friend in this case. A person did indeed show up at his cafe with the lifeless body of a black and white cat. The feline that seemed to be her cat Biffhad just been run over by a car.

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For the family, there was no doubt about the identity of the animal at that time. ” We buried him by our river with the greatest respect and affection “, could we read in the publication Facebook made on the page of Plow Inn and since deleted.

The resurrection “

The owner of the pub and Biff was evidently plunged into great grief. However, this did not last very long. Against all odds, her cat “resurrected” a few hours after the burial. Biff came back to the cafe, alive and unscratched.

After the shock and relief, the master understood what had happened. The buried cat was not Biff, but their huge resemblance and sadness had misled him. It is indeed very difficult to have clear ideas in this kind of event.

He is now trying to find the family of the deceased feline. An appeal was launched in this direction to the inhabitants of the commune on the post Facebook mentioned above: If anyone knows the person in the village who is missing a black and white cat (identical to Biff), please contact us as soon as possible. So sorry for the distress caused. We’re just as confused “.

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Illustration of the article: They bury
The Plow Inn, Long Wittenham / Facebook


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