These Tesla Users Hunt Superchargers Like Pokemon

Try These Tesla users hunt Superchargers like Pokemon?

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A group of Tesla owners have decided to go on a hunt for Superchargers. In North America, their goal is to reach as many of these charging stations as possible.

It’s an amazing competition that’s being held right now in North America. It features Tesla owners, and is reminiscent of the principle of Pokemon Go.

This augmented reality game had virtual monsters hunted in a real environment via an application, and these Tesla owners decided to adapt it to the brand’s fast charging stations.

Their objective is to visit as many Supercharger stations as possible, with proof of their passage. This competition has no objective or prize, just the pleasure of visiting North America.

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One of the participants told the Wall Street Journal that he had decided to take a 15-day trip from Washington DC to Wyoming. He was to attend a ceremony there for his daughter and performed a detour via 80 stations.

But this figure, which he achieved in 15 days, is insignificant compared to the total number of visits. Dr. Andy Hall has confirmed that he has visited more than 1,500 charging stations.

The leader is currently an American from Seattle, who has visited 1,620 stations. However, there is controversy over whether he is indeed at the top of the rankings. Indeed, there were only 1,493 in North America, where the game is set.

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