These police officers are stuck in their Tesla… in the middle of an intervention!

The situation seems improbable… Yet it did take place during a check. Two police officers got stuck in their own Tesla while chasing offending cyclists.

The police had to check two cyclists in violation in the streets of Basel in Switzerland. Driving in a Tesla Model X, they wanted to apprehend the two offenders but one of them fled. As they get out of their car, the doors of the Tesla got stuck. A rare situation but which can prove to be dangerous in the future!

Incredibly funny!

Technological advances sometimes have their flaws. A Swiss patrol experienced this. Police had to check of them cyclists. One of them very quickly cooperated by stopping immediately but the second played the tightrope walker. The police therefore decide to intercept him and stop at his side. bad luck, the Tesla Model X decided otherwise. Unable to open the doors. The system remains completely blocked. So what to do? No other choice! Just leaving… by the window ! After playing the acrobats, a policeman checked the cyclist who took the opportunity to taunt the police during this comical situation. The fraudulent cyclist must still laugh about it!

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Mandatory Tesla training

According to the police report, the gear shift was not positioned in the right place. Which spawned a dysfunction doors. This kind of situation is not to be taken lightly. Logically, the police are trained in the technology of this type of vehicle. In an emergency, a function can be activated to open the trunk from within and out of the Tesla Model X. The police Basel invested in ordering seven Tesla brand vehicles to complete its range of intervention. According to a press release, no similar problem has been identified elsewhere.

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