These Grenoble residents collect unsold food from the bins



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In Grenoble, a collective searches through supermarket bins to recover unsold food. Through this action, they want to raise awareness of food waste. Brut followed them on one of the outings.

We don’t hang around here. Efficiency and discretion.“Charlie, founder of the Brotherhood of Grenoble Solidarity Gleaners, is focused. “We’re going to be quick, less than ten minutes, to break everything”, he adds. This collective aims to recover unsold food from the garbage of shops. With this, they want to raise awareness of supermarket waste.

For Samuel, a recent graduate in graphic design, these actions are not easy to tackle at first glance. “At first, I was careful. I was waiting for the cars to finish passing to go and do my recuperation. And personally, it also helped me, because it made me work on my self-confidence, in fact. And the fact of saying to yourself: ‘OK, you take responsibility for what you do, you take responsibility for your approach.‘”

The young man takes advantage of his excavations to raise awareness of the ecological impact. “When we recycle, we even have to sort out the waste, so much they mix up all the food, cardboard, metal. So even that, at the ecological level, is an aberration.“Once the products are in hand, the gleaners share them with other people, or keep them for themselves. “I took a breaker for tomorrow, because I have to go up in the mountains. And I also took a piece of pizza from Marie Blachère,” explains a member of the collective.

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