These 5 mistakes we all make when eating sushi

Sushi is still very popular in France. Places dedicated to this Japanese specialty continue to spring up like mushrooms in city centers. But their tasting obeys a few rules.

Boosted by take-out sales, sushi has lost some of its exoticism to become a classic meal that is very popular with the French. But the latter are not always aware of the best way to eat them. Here are the most common mistakes people make when eating sushi.

Eat sushi with chopsticks

Contrary to popular belief, traditionally in Japan sushi is not eaten with chopsticks, and even less maki (the one wrapped in a sheet of nori). In authentic restaurants, they are eaten with your fingers (after having washed your hands well, of course). However, it must be recognized that with the development of sushi, including in street-food establishments, it is eaten more and more with chopsticks.

Put wasabi in your soy sauce

No need to add spice to your soy sauce by dipping a hint of wasabi in it. If the sushi needs that extra kick, it’s probably because it’s bland. In theory, the chef seasons each sushi individually so it doesn’t require any additional additions.

Dip rice in soy sauce

The French have a habit of literally dipping their sushi in soy sauce to the point of breaking down the rice rolls. Normally the sauce is there to dip just a small portion of the flesh of the fish.

Put ginger on the fish

The ginger that spreads out in small pink heaps on the sushi trays has a very specific function. It should refresh the palate between two tastings. Very powerful, it is only taken in very small quantities. Adding a slice of ginger to your maki is therefore heresy.

Eat your sushi several times

The size of the sushi is designed so that you can take one bite. The rule is that you don’t bite a sushi. It’s too risky: the structure, fragile, could break and fall into the plate in several pieces.

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