These 5 fish you should not eat

Fish is very good for health, nutritionists even advise eating it twice a week. But beware, not all species are recommended, especially for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Here are the five species of fish that are best avoided.


From a general point of view, it is recommended to avoid predatory fish. Indeed, these large specimens are often high in mercury because they themselves consume other small mercury-contaminated fish. This is the case of swordfish, whose flesh can be reminiscent of that of tuna. Sardines, sole or trout, which have the lowest mercury levels, are preferred.


bluefin tuna

In the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the bluefin tuna is threatened with extinction. However, it is renowned for its particularly fatty flesh. But white tuna is just as good and will also make excellent sushi.



farmed salmon

Farmed fish are often raised in poor conditions. They are fed with processed fats in order to make them fatter faster. In addition, they receive a lot of antibiotics during their growth. It is therefore recommended to turn to Alaskan salmon which is only wild.



fruit bat

It is one of the smallest sharks that lives both in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic Ocean. The dogfish is widely used in Spanish cuisine. But given its size, it accumulates a lot of cadmium and mercury, known to be harmful to the body. It is healthier to avoid its consumption.


Eel is a delicious fish. But as it is very greasy, it accumulates PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and methyl-mercury, two components that are bad for your health. ANSES therefore recommends limiting the consumption of certain freshwater fish such as eel to once every two months.



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