“The worst summer in terms of abandonments”

The 31-year-old dog trainer continues: “We were only able to take care of 80 dogs between May and August 2022 for 45 boxes. There was an impressive waiting list that we were never able to clear. The worst was the abandonment of senior dogs, between 12 and 13 years old. Placing these animals overnight in a box when they have always known the house and their habits is heartbreaking. “Some reasons for abandonment are terrible, such as the hospitalization of the owner, his death, “but when you hear yourself saying that the dog is too old or that the new person with whom you are living does not want animals , it is inconceivable”.

240 abandoned cats

Added to this are “very complicated” weather conditions. We do not have air conditioning for dogs. We had to do with the D system to cool the animals. » A pierced garden hose as a mister.

In the summer of 2022, there were 240 cat abandonments compared to around 170 in previous years.

In the summer of 2022, there were 240 cat abandonments compared to around 170 in previous years.

Matthew Sartre

For cats, over this same period, “there were 240 abandonments. Three quarters were kittens. Little ones sometimes not even weaned, deposited in front of the shelter in a garbage bag, a box… We also have disguised abandonments, ”I bring you a cat thrown from the car which was driving in front of me”. We are not fooled. In equivalent, for 2019 and 2020, we were at 170 dropouts. »

This summer, the Saint-Pierre-du-Mont SPA also had a significant increase in reports of abuse.

For kittens or puppies, the Saint-Pierre-du-Mont shelter is looking for foster families to take care of them during this crucial period of their existence, between discovery and socialization. “If you are willing, let us know. As for new pets, there were nine abandoned rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets compared to three in 2021 and four in 2020.

Report of abuse

For the manager, it is difficult to link this increase in dropouts to the post-lockdown effect. “For me, it’s more a reflection of the consumer society that, as soon as things don’t go well, we leave instead of investing, taking time. It is all the same true that, during the confinements, there were many adoptions to justify time out from home. Now that professional activity has resumed, the animal is left alone, can do mischief in the house. Some prefer to get rid of it rather than educate it. »

Several investigations for abuse are underway.

Several investigations for abuse are underway.

Matthew Sartre

This summer, the SPA of Saint-Pierre-du-Mont also had a significant increase in reports of abuse among individuals or professionals. “There are ongoing investigations to denounce the living conditions of pets. »

A glimmer of hope

The only glimmer of hope in this gloomy picture: “The resumption of adoptions. Usually you have to wait until September. There, we noticed that from mid-August, people were coming back to see us. There has been an incredible increase in visitors able to adopt, even dogs with pathologies or seniors. »

To give a boost to these adoptions, the Saint-Pierre-du-Mont shelter is organizing its open days on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October. “We gave a playful and festive side to these days with a lot of initiations to practice with the dogs of the refuge (read elsewhere). The cats are not to be outdone since they will be presented in the various spaces, in particular a chalet in which all the kittens available for adoption will be grouped together. To leave with your furry companion, two imperatives: be the whole family and present proof of address.

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