The war of sausage patties raged on the village of the Route du Rhum this year

You liked the War of Rums in 2018, you will love that of the sausage patties, version 2022! Four years ago, the Rhumiers de Guadeloupe were surprised by their Martinican competitors who had shown a great sense of anticipation.

More than a year before the 2018 edition, the Martinican Rhumiers had launched a real offensive with Saint-Malo suppliers and businesses. As a result, if Guadeloupe rums were present inside the village of the Route du Rhum, the Martinicans displayed their colors and their beverage very widely in the shops of Intra-Muros.

Contrary to what had been announced, there will be many sausage patties for sale near the village of the Route du Rhum. | REDGE

In 2022, it is a real battle around the presence of sausage patty stands in the village, which has agitated the organizers and the city of Saint-Malo. In order to promote life in the streets of Intra-Muros, it had been decided that the catering offer would be limited inside the village and nearby.

Two sausage patty stands

Problem, a traveling trader, who had been able to sell sausage patties inside the village in 2018, moved heaven and earth to be able to settle. After long weeks of endless discussions, even pressure, he was finally able to find a place at the entrance to the village, on the Rocabey side.

Installed a few tens of meters away, Bertrand Larcher, boss of the Atelier de la crêpe, had also made a request to be in the village. This had been refused a few weeks ago. But finally, he too will be able to install a Food-truck and sell his cakes near his school in the village.

So, contrary to what has been said here or there, ”ban on the sale of meat products in the village”, “no sausage patties because the CO2 footprint is too high”, “priority for seafood”, there will be something for everyone in the village. From Breton specialties to Guadeloupe specialities.

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