the vegetarian menu in the canteen does not appeal to parents

Grenoble wanted more vegetarian menus but the parents do not follow. The mayor of Grenoble, Éric Piolle, for the first time, had said that if the parents did not expressly request the contrary, well vegetarian menus would be served to children. The parents overwhelmingly refused.

Since the start of the school year, parents of students in Grenoble have preferred to choose a menu other than the vegetarian one, offered by default by the ecological town hall. 94% of parents choose either the blue menu based on fish, or the red menu which alternates fish and meat. This is the case of Mickaël, father of two boys attending primary school in Grenoble. “We have always eaten meat at home. It’s part of my main diet. And suddenly, children are not resistant to it. Everyone has the right to eat what they want. But by against, indeed, We have to stop imposing our food on others”he said.

By placing the vegetarian menu automatically, by default if the parents make no choice, the town hall of Grenoble wants this year raise awareness of the environmental impact of intensive farming. The discourse seduces some parents, 5% in total. Julien is one of them. “We stayed on the vegetarian menu which was offered by default. The reasons are to eat less meat, to protect the planet. In addition, we are careful in Grenoble that the food is rather organic and local. So it’s going in the right direction“, he says.

Whatever the parents’ choice, in application of the law, all schoolchildren in Grenoble eat a vegetarian menu at least once a week in the canteen.

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