the update of the application brings something new

Tesla offers a new update to its app. And this one offers a whole new feature for the less unusual.

Today, more and more brands offer their own application for their customers. This then offers many functions, since they allow for example to check the charge level of the vehicle, to open or start it remotely or even to program the heating in winter. The applications are then more or less complete depending on the manufacturer and the vehicle. Unsurprisingly, it is the electric ones in particular that have the most features. But if we thought we had already seen everything, or almost, now Tesla is giving us a new update making its system even more complete.

A unique feature

As we know, Tesla has always been different from other brands, especially when it comes to sales. If the firm has many dealerships all over the world, it has always been possible to order your vehicle online, via its website. But the manufacturer now wants to go even further. Indeed, the latter has just offered a new update to its application, which now offers the possibility of buying a car directly. It is therefore now entirely possible to place an order for a vehicle in the range from your smartphone. What even more facilitate the procedure, which was already very simple on the browser.

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In a few clicks

To buy your Tesla directly from the application, it’s simple. All you have to do is go to the “Account” tab and then click on “Order – buy a new vehicle”. All you have to do is choose the model you like and configure it before placing an order. The hardest part will be waiting, while delivery times are understood between next November and March 2023 depending on vehicle and options.

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