The ultimate tips for (finally) eating well

Aberrant diets for health, food scandals, endocrine disruptors : difficult to sort out true and false information about our diet. What if we went back to basics to be sure not to make mistakes and eat well?

No need to ban fat and sugar:

They are essential to our body but also to our brain. However, it is about choose the right fats and the right sugars, that’s the whole point. The good fats are omega 3 and 6 found in certain fish, in dried fruits, etc.

As to good sugarsit is obvious that it is not in pastries, sodas and candies that you will find them but in the fruitfor example.

A meal must include its dose of vegetables:

In all forms (canned, frozen, etc.) as long as we eat it. They are essential too.

Once you get into the habit of eating it every day, we try to cook fresh vegetables. Once you have taken a liking to it (and those who have a vegetable garden will understand), it is difficult to go back and return to those of the supermarkets….

Rhythm your diet with the seasons:

In addition to being bad for the planet, shipping tomatoes in the middle of winter does not make sense for your health, because they have lost all their nutritional qualities and generally do not taste good. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is good at all levels.

We eat when we are hungry:

It is better to provide yourself with dried fruit or a slice of wholemeal bread for eat when hungry, rather than forcing yourself, because it’s time ! And that goes for all meals, including breakfast.

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