The town hall of Marseille demands the departure of a circus featuring animals

The Benzini animal circus is not welcome in Marseille, while the city bans shows with animals. A situation that the director of the troop does not understand, attached to his animals.

In Marseille, the installation of a circus is controversial. The Benzini circus has set up its tent in the heart of the Bonneveine district, in the 8th arrondissement. The problem: a large animal enclosure with llamas, camels, horses and a bull, while the town hall no longer authorizes animal circuses.

“We were born with animals”

A ban that circus director Michael Renold does not understand. “For us, the circus is with animals. We were born with animals.”

“It’s not a question of exploiting animals for work, we live with animals,” said the circus director. “It’s like our children.”

On BFM Marseille Provence, Michael Renold wants to show that animal welfare has always been in the DNA of his circus. He takes the example of Toothless, one of the two camels present in the show. “When he was born, his mum didn’t want him, I raised him. I bottle-fed him, every three hours, night and day. And today, he’s here , he is alive.”

Towards a ban on animals in circuses in 2028

The town hall of Marseille considers that animals should no longer be part of the show. “This circus will start its performances at 4 p.m., we understand that it is for our children, specifies Christine Juste, deputy mayor in charge of the environment. Maybe it is time for our children to have another look on the living.”

“Even if of course the legislation provides for the total cessation of wild animals in circuses by 2028, it also provides that, over time, circuses will have to stop presenting them to the public and no longer have them in 2028”, notes the deputy mayor at the microphone of BFM Marseille.

This is not the first time that the city has called an animal circus to order. Last March, the Muller circus was already not welcome in the metropolis.

The town hall of Marseille is now asking the circus to leave the premises. A report has been drawn up and a magistrate will have to decide and determine if the troupe can continue to do the show until November 13.

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