The touching encounter between 2 Golden Retrievers and a newborn moves the web (video)

The Golden Retriever is known to be affectionate towards the little ones. His gentle temperament makes him the ideal companion for families with children. A recent meeting full of tenderness between 2 dogs of the breed and a newborn has only confirmed their reputation.

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Winston and Doug2 Golden Retrievers living under the same roof, recently got to know Miller, the newborn of their master. Overflowing with love and sweetness, this precious moment was filmed and seen by 20 million users of TikTokas reported by the newspaper Newsweek.

Radiant big brothers

Seeing and feeling Miller for the first time, the dogs immediately fall under his spell. The 2 brothers smell and then lick his hair, and therefore soak up his scent, wagging their tails in all directions. Miller is serene, and the gaze of his big brothers already exudes so much tenderness…


Already the best big brothers ???? I see lots of kisses & toys in Miller’s future! #dogmeetsbaby #petsoftiktok #goldenretriever #feelgood #ComeDanceWithMe

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Doug bring a comic touch by picking up a squeaky toy and leaning it against the head of Miller. the Golden already seems ready to play with his new friend! An approach that has melted internet users, for whom this is a real proof of love.

Adorable », « precious ”, the words did not fail the commentators of the video, describing the scene as “ the best thing that they have never seen, or as undeniable proof that ” dogs are better than men “.

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One thing is certain is that Miller is in good hands. Winston and Doug already seem to bring him a lot of love and will watch over him for as long as possible.

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