The top FUT trading tips to get started in FIFA 23

Instead of spending real money on packs, you can use FIFA 23 trading tips to earn money and buy top players.

But before you dive into our guide, we need to make one thing clear: trading takes a lot of time. You must therefore be patient in order to earn coins. It’s like that.

The revamped trading system in FIFA 23

Why is trading so important in FIFA 23?

Only those who trade have a real advantage in FIFA Ultimate Team. You know that the mode is paid: whoever spends the most money gets a better team. You won’t be able to get players like Mbappé, Messi, Ronaldo and the like for free.

If you want to have a FUT Super Squad, you need to buy and sell players and other tradable items correctly, as this is the best way to increase your coins. You can never earn enough coins by grinding the Weekend League. That’s why it’s all the more important that you know how to do business in FUT. Investing and trading always involves speculation and the risk of losing coins. But with our advice, it is (almost) impossible.

Free FUT Trading Tips – Earn Coins Fast

To become a trading pro, you must first understand the FUT transfer market. A lot is changing this year as we have a crossplay transfer market for the first time.

Player prices are based on supply and demand and are therefore dynamic. And where you make money, you lose it. So be aware that some investments will not work, and you will also suffer losses. It’s part of the beginning of trading – and can always happen to the best.

Here are our 4 trading tips for the new FIFA:

1. The best opportunities by updating often

Stealing cards in the transfer market might not be classic trading, it’s more like smart investing. Rather, it is a smart investment. Indeed, there are enough players who put cards on the market at prices that are too low. And that’s where you come in.

Don’t try to buy a player at the current auction, but always look for the cheapest buy-it-now price. By doing so, you will need to refresh the market every second until a card is newly offered. Quite often it will happen that items are offered well below their value, because the sellers have no idea of ​​their price. Also pay attention to the chemistry style of the card, as these builds are more valuable than normal builds. Especially with the Hunter chemistry style, you can make a lot of profit.

2. Chemistry styles and position cards

Chemistry styles and new position change charts are sometimes very expensive and a gold mine for traders. The most expensive chemistry style is hunter. But there are enough players who have no idea. When buying a card, pay attention to whether the chemistries, preferably Hunter, are equipped. Often sellers ignore the value of the chemistry and offer the card at the normal price.

Catch that card, filter by the price of the card with Hunter, adjust the price, and sell it at a profit. However, it all works the other way around too. Equip Hunter cards that aren’t normally like that on the market (defenders for example). Also adjust the price and voila: Once again you have made a small but nice profit.

With the position cards you can change the main positions of the players. For example, turn a left-back into a left-back, then sell the player. Since most of us play with four defenders, not three or five, LBs are worth more than LWBs.

3. Open Bronze and Silver Player Packs

Bronze and silver players are rarely used. But there are scenarios where some players get really expensive. For some team building challenges or objectives, you need Bronze or Silver cards, which then become very expensive. You will be surprised, but there are a number of (bad) cards that are worth more than 5,000 coins. Therefore, always check the requirements for SBCs and objectives and shoot the appropriate players, which are often just non-rare cards.

The Bronze and Silver packs are the cheapest Ultimate Team packs. But these packs contain an unimaginable richness! Okay, maybe that was a bit overkill. But try for real. Open a bronze pack and a silver pack, compare the prices of all items, put them on the market, then calculate whether you made a profit or a loss. Due to the low pack prices, all you need is a player worth 500 coins – and you’ve made a profit.

4. Invest in dynamic maps

The FUT year kicks off with the special cards of the “Ones to Watch” promotion. These are dynamic special cards for stars who joined a new club during the summer transfer window. If players perform well in real life, they will be improved in FIFA. The Road to the Knockout or the Headliner Promo are also suitable.

The rating of dynamic cards can always increase – if you invest at the right time, you can get a few coins out of it. But it is also clear that you should try the other tricks first. You need coins which you can invest to earn more coins.

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