The Tesla Semi is getting seen more and more

Tesla has a history of conducting road tests with an increasing number of prototypes of its new vehicles before beginning to deliver them to customers. This was the case for the Model Y before its release, and it seems to be the case for the Tesla Semi now as well. Recent reports from members of the electric vehicle community indicate that Tesla Semi sightings are becoming more common.

The Tesla Semi makes its way

Electric vehicle advocate Shoaib Quraishi, for example, recently uploaded a video of a Tesla Semi, three of which were in the same location at the same time. The video shows two of the Tesla Semi trucks towing trailers behind them, while the third performed a bobtail maneuver. All three were revised versions of the prototypes, which looked like they were production ready.

After a long wait, the Tesla Semi finally made its debut at the end of 2017. It was originally expected that the all-electric Class 8 truck would begin production at some point in 2019. But the launch of the vehicle has eventually got pushed back.

Despite this, the truck continued to undergo road testing, and over the past year new prototypes of the Semi have been seen traveling across the United States.

Acceleration of communication around the Semi?

Elon Musk recently mentioned that the all-electric Class 8 truck will have a model with an 800 km range that will be launched later this year, and it’s a very pleasant surprise. It should be remembered that before that, Elon Musk was rather modest in his predictions on the Tesla Semi, simply stating that production of the vehicle would begin the following year.

The electric car maker hasn’t just spotted the Tesla Semis: it’s also been busy updating the vehicle’s official webpage. So on Tesla’s official website, the Semi’s page now features updated specs, along with a redesigned interior, which appears to be production-ready.

It has several other features that have never been hinted at before, such as a stemless steering wheel that resembles that of the Model S. The Semi also appears to be entitled to touch-activated turn signals.

Finally, Tesla began building the Megachargers for the Semi, first at the Gigafactory in Nevada, then later at customers like the PepsiCo factory in Modesto, California.

Overall, it seems more and more that the Semi will arrive in the very near future. True to its marketing strategy for its electric vehicles, Tesla could just stay quiet about it.

More and more statements

Multiplying the statements as he is used to, Elon Musk said:

It’s not just economic suicide to use a diesel truck, it’s economic suicide for rail. »

In other words, the use of diesel trucks is a form of economic suicide, due to higher operating and environmental costs than rail.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that companies that regularly transport goods across the country place large orders for Tesla Semis.

Visual of a Tesla Semi in the colors of the Pepsi company

For example, Pepsi has already placed a pre-order for one hundred Tesla Semi trucks, while UPS has purchased one hundred and fifty-five trucks.

Additionally, in a recent interview with Reuters, DHL Supply Chain President Jim Monkmeyer said the price difference between a Tesla Semi and a conventional diesel truck could be made up for in less than two years, “ thanks to savings on maintenance and fuel. »

This statement was made in reference to the potential long-term savings that the Tesla Semi can, and should, offer its future buyers.

Jim Monkmeyer goes even further, adding:

We anticipate that we could have a return on investment within a year and a half based on energy usage, in addition to reduced maintenance costs. »

Cost reductions related to maintenance should therefore also be substantial. Simply because there are fewer moving components and less complexity in these parts, engines are much easier to build, and to maintain.

Musk, who has never been shy about making bold predictions, took to Twitter late at night to say that the specs that come with the Tesla Semi might be more remarkable once it starts being sold. sold.

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