The Tesla robot in detail!

Tesla is also working on humanoid robots because the company already manufactures what Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls ” robots on wheels“. Tesla is also developing self-driving cars. These robots have the ability to move and perform specific tasks. This article takes stock of what we currently know about the Tesla Optimus robot, since its presentation at AI Day 2022.

What is the marketing date for the Tesla robot?

The prototype took to the stage and waved to the audience before video showed it performing simple tasks at a manufacturing station at the company’s California factory. These activities included watering plants, moving boxes and lifting metal bars.

On Tesla’s first-ever AI Day, which took place in August 2021, Optimus, which was previously known as Tesla Bot, was introduced to the public for the first time.
The previous year, Tesla also introduced an all-new computer chip at the ceremony. The device, which was built exclusively within the firm, will be implemented in their supercomputer called Dojo.

Mr. Musk said the humanoid robots currently available are “ brainless“, which prevents them from being able to solve problems on their own.
Optimus, on the other hand, would be a “ very capable robot“, in his words, and Tesla already plans to produce millions of them.

According to Reuters, Tesla is employing a large number of people to work on the bipedal humanoid robots. The company has posted about 20 jobs related to the development of the Tesla robot, including opportunities to design parts such as actuators.

According to one of the job postings, “ the code you build will at some point look like it is running in millions of humanoid robots around the world, and as such the code will need to meet high quality standards. »

Tesla Robot: Appearance and Abilities

The adult-sized robot is expected to be around 173 centimeters tall and weigh around 57 kilograms. He will be trained to undertake repetitive activities such as picking up groceries, transporting components to factories, and assembling car parts, among others.

Optimus, the Tesla robot delivering a Tesla package to company offices
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According to statements by Mr. Musk, Optimus will one day the potential to outgrow the automotive business over time. It will be operated by the same artificial intelligence technologies that Tesla is currently developing for the electric automobiles it manufactures.

Mr. Musk said that “ physical employment will be a choice in the not so distant future. Arguably, Tesla is the biggest robotics company in the world. Our automobiles are essentially semi-sentient robots on wheels. »

Mr. Musk said the robot will be “ friendly and that it will be made by humans for humans. It goes against a number of movies. He explained : ” On a mechanical level, you can run away from it and you will most likely be able to master it. »

Technical imagery of the Optimus robot reveals that it is equipped with a screen in the head area that can display useful information. It will be constructed from lightweight materials, will have a total of forty electromechanical actuators, and will have the hands of a ” human level“. »
Mr. Musk said there is still a significant amount of work to be done to improve and validate Optimus.

Musk highlights the risks of robots and AI…

Mr Musk issued a warning in 2017, despite working to advance the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots.

I have access to the most cutting-edge AI, and I think people should be incredibly worried about that” , he added. ” I have access to the most advanced AI (…), the greatest peril we face as a civilization. »

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