The Tesla Model Y against 5 competitors tested by the editorial staff

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Where does the Tesla Model Y stand against its competitors? We compare it to its most direct rivals among all-electric family SUVs.

The American offers a typical Tesla style, close to that of the Model 3 family sedan with which it shares its technical base.

Its interior environment is based on a refined whole around a central 15-inch screen where all the multimedia functions, instrumentation and settings, including those related to driving, are grouped together. Its interior space is among the best in its segment, thanks in particular to the enormous loading volumes.

Dynamic but very firm, it prefers driving sensations rather than comfort, combined with powerful electric motors for striking performance.

Its generous equipment places it at high but competitive prices, including gadgets and other original on-board games on the market, as well as voice control and an efficient search and calculation system for routes to charging stations, favoring its proprietary network. reliable and developed “Superchargers”. This added to reasonable consumption favors its versatility to consider longer journeys than daily routes.

The main characteristics of the Tesla Model Y

  • Price: from €62,990 to €66,990 (excluding options and bonuses)
  • Drivetrain: 4 wheel drive
  • Power: from 441 hp to more than 500 hp
  • Trunk: 854 l. (rear) / 117 l. (before)
  • Length: 4.75m
  • Width: 1.92m
  • Height: 1.62m

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford Mustang Mach-ECredit Photo – Autonews

With SUV proportions, Ford incorporates the character of the Mustang coupe and its overall features.

The Mustang Mach-E moves away from it on board, despite the shape of the speakers integrated into the dashboard, reminiscent of the caps of the legendary American. The atmosphere is more technological with a huge 15.5-inch vertical screen in the center, incorporating a physical volume control wheel in the lower part of its display. The B&O audio system is very successful. The general inspiration is reminiscent of Tesla, but with a second screen for the instrumentation and a few more buttons, improving ergonomics. The comfort of the seats and the space available are satisfactory, more so than the trunk, just average but supplemented by a tray in the front.

Especially suitable for highway travel, the chassis also lacks softness without avoiding body movements. If the performance is sufficient and the consumption low to say the least, the controls may lack precision.

On the other hand, the possibility of obtaining the simulation of a V8 thermal engine sound makes driving endearing for an electric car. Several levels of power and engines, influencing the margin on the equipment, make it possible to modulate the price and make it competitive.

On the original side, note the opening of the doors by touch buttons and the unlocking code on the driver’s side exterior pillar.

The main features of the Ford Mustang Mach-E:

  • Price: from €56,400 to €84,100 (excluding options and bonuses)
  • Transmission: 2 or 4 wheel drive
  • Power: from 269 hp to 487 hp
  • Trunk: 402 l. (rear) / 81 l. (before)
  • Length: 4.71m
  • Width: 1.88m
  • Height: 1.60m

The Ford Mustang Mach-E versus the Tesla Model Y

  • Habitability: Tesla advantage
  • Trunk: Tesla Advantage
  • Dynamism: Tesla advantage
  • Comfort: Ford advantage
  • Equipment: equality
  • Price: Ford advantage

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Tesla Model Y (2021)

Hyundai Ioniq 5Credit Photo – Autonews

The Ioniq 5 is a mass-produced concept car, a family SUV that looks like a compact sedan, in a fairly neo-retro cubic style. Amazing and noticeable.

The passenger compartment is closer to recent times, with two large horizontal screens on a floating dashboard, with no center console separating the two front seats. By choosing light colors, the atmosphere is a little cold but the Hyundai makes up for it with its comfort and modularity. The top version can extend the front seats with integrated calf rests. The giant wheelbase of 3 meters provides all the necessary space for the rear passengers, who can also slide the bench seat and recline their backs. Enough to enlarge a chest already in the good average. A bin completes it at the front.

The chassis finds a very good setting to ensure both comfort and cornering. The different combinations of motors and batteries give more or less sensational performance to the model, which is more of a consumer in the four-wheel drive version, but the Ioniq 5 still has its 800 V electrical architecture for very short charging times on fast terminals, in 18 minimum minimum.

This influences the prices too, with a very interesting and well-equipped entry-level range, without however benefiting from all the technological endowment of the top-of-the-range, which includes for its part the head-up display with augmented reality or the display of blind spots on the instrumentation when the indicators are activated.

The main features of the Hyundai Ioniq 5:

  • Price: from €43,600 to €56,000 (excluding options and bonuses)
  • Transmission: 2 or 4 wheel drive
  • Power: from 170 hp to 306 hp
  • Trunk: 527 l. (rear) / 24 to 57 l. (before, depending on version)
  • Length: 4.64m
  • Width: 1.89m
  • Height: 1.65m

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 versus the Tesla Model Y

  • Habitability: Hyundai advantage
  • Trunk: Tesla Advantage
  • Dynamism: Tesla advantage
  • Comfort: Hyundai advantage
  • Equipment: Equality
  • Price: Hyundai advantage

Kia EV6

Tesla Model Y (2021)

Kia EV6Credit Photo – Autonews

Long and wide, relatively low for an SUV, the Kia EV6 intrigues as much by its proportions as by its undoubtedly futuristic style. There aren’t two like her in the middle of traffic.

A little wiser but still in the space shuttle spirit, the cabin combines two large horizontal screens with a floating center console below. Ambient lighting can have its effect at night, from the second level of equipment only. To maintain a sleek appearance without giving up a certain ergonomics, tactile shortcut keys are arranged on a thin strip in the center, alternating between multimedia and air conditioning controls. There is plenty of space in the back as well as a relatively large usable trunk, complete with a bin under the hood.

The EV6’s 800 V battery gives it some of the shortest recharging times on the market, in 18 minutes at best on the appropriate fast terminals.

Propulsion or four-wheel drive, the Korean is dynamic but rather firm, in suspension as in its upholstery.

The prices are modeled on the market but ask not to dig into the options to remain competitive. The endowment is however provided in absolute terms.

The main features of the Kia EV6:

  • Price: from €47,990 to €66,990 (excluding options and bonuses)
  • Transmission: 2 or 4 wheel drive
  • Power: from 229 hp to 585 hp
  • Trunk: 490 l. (rear) / 20 to 52 l. (before, depending on version)
  • Length: 4.70m
  • Width: 1.88m
  • Height: 1.55m

The Kia EV6 versus the Tesla Model Y

  • Habitability: equality
  • Trunk: Tesla Advantage
  • Dynamism: Tesla advantage
  • Comfort: equality
  • Equipment: equality
  • Price: Kia advantage

MG Marvel R

Tesla Model Y (2021)

MG Marvel RCredit Photo – Autonews

Far from the image of Chinese vehicles too inspired by the competition, the MG Marvel R has its style, identifiable and original. More at the front than at the rear, modern but still reminiscent of Audi productions.

The interior challenges with its inclined dashboard, on which is integrated a 14-inch vertical screen. It’s a pity that its responsiveness is so restrictive, when it is for example mandatory to go through it to deactivate lane keeping at each start, requiring several actions from the driver.

The comfort is otherwise good and the quality serious. There is also plenty of room in the back and the atmosphere is pleasant. The trunk is much smaller but relies on the large front tray to complete it, if the four-wheel drive version is not chosen.

If the road holding reassures, the noises of furniture are heard by creaks with each variation of pace or movement of body, questioning the aging.

All versions have two rear motors and a two-speed automatic gearbox, which are supposed to reduce fuel consumption while improving performance. With a third engine at the front, the most powerful version stands out for its lap times, but its higher price deprives it of the number one advantage of this Marvel R.

The price/equipment ratio of the entry-level version is more suitable for enjoying this Chinese SUV.

The main features of the MG Marvel R:

  • Price: from €44,990 to €49,990 (excluding options and bonuses)
  • Transmission: 2 or 4 wheel drive
  • Power: from 180 hp to 288 hp
  • Trunk: 357 l. (rear) / 0 to 150 l. (before, depending on version)
  • Length: 4.67m
  • Width: 1.92m
  • Height: 1.62m

The MG Marvel R versus the Tesla Model Y

  • Habitability: Tesla advantage
  • Trunk: Tesla Advantage
  • Dynamism: Tesla advantage
  • Comfort: MG advantage
  • Gear: Tesla Advantage
  • Price: MG advantage

Skoda Enyaq iV

Tesla Model Y (2021)

Skoda Enyaq iVCredit Photo – Autonews

The Volkswagen Group’s Czech electric family SUV blends powerful features with a classic, rectangular shape.

Same classicism inside, but nevertheless technological with its horizontal central screen which can reach 13 inches, very reactive. It is completed with a small but clear instrumentation, 5.3 inches behind the steering wheel.

With numerous finishes and configurations in terms of equipment, it is possible to personalize this Skoda Enyaq iV and modify the atmosphere on board thanks to numerous materials for the upholstery and the dashboard.

Enough to be able to choose between an affordable Enyaq and a much more exclusive ultra-complete Enyaq, with a high-end finish with furniture covered in brown leather, for example. Modularity, space, safe, everything is up to par.

As much as comfort, thanks to a very good compromise between damping and body stability. The optional controlled suspensions allow, for example, not to be deprived of the largest 21″ rims, without degrading this comfort.

The choice of engines and batteries will also play in the price competitiveness of the Skoda, homogeneous and attractive in many respects.

The main features of the Skoda Enyaq iV:

  • Price: from €37,930 to €54,540 (excluding options and bonuses)
  • Transmission: 2 or 4 wheel drive
  • Power: from 150 hp to 265 hp
  • Trunk: 585 l.
  • Length: 4.65m
  • Width: 1.88m
  • Height: 1.62m

The Skoda Enyaq iV versus the Tesla Model Y

  • Habitability: equality
  • Trunk: Tesla Advantage
  • Dynamism: Tesla advantage
  • Comfort: Skoda advantage
  • Equipment: equality
  • Price: Skoda advantage

In short

The Tesla Model Y is one of the benchmarks in the versatile electric vehicle segment. The editorial team therefore compared it with its main competitors after having tried them all: the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the MG Marvel R, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the Kia EV6 and the Skoda Enyaq iV.

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