The Tesla Model 3 soon out of stock?

The manufacturer Tesla announces that deliveries of its Model 3 will not resume until 2023, due to lack of stock.

If you wanted to to offer a Tesla Model 3 this year, it could be more complicated than expected. The American manufacturer is victim of its success. And especially market difficulties. Some Tesla Model 3 would only be available only from the year 2023. Between the shortage of semiconductorsthe war between Ukraine and Russia and the difficulties of supplying parts, the production of cars is often sluggish in most builders.

The Model 3 victim of its success

The Model 3 would therefore be in sold out. The American manufacturer indicates on its side on its website that orders and deliveries are still possible for the end of 2022. But delays could potentially be observed given the current tension in the automotive market. A elongation potential deliveries that do not concern versions “Great Autonomy” and ” Performance “ of the Model 3.

Best-selling electric car in Europe in 2021the Model 3 never stops beating the sales records. The American manufacturer must face a demand for constant increase. In order to overcome this situation, Tesla has set up a new factory. Her gigafactory based in Berlin must allow the manufacturer to produce up to 500,000 cars per year.

Otherwise, it is possible, in the meantime, to go to the manufacturer’s official website to take a look at the vehicles available.

Deprived of the maximum ecological bonus

More bad news for future Model 3 customers, the price. The Tesla Model 3 sees its sale price displayed today at 46,990 euros, excluding options.

With this price higher than €45,000, no longer a question of hoping for the maximum ecological bonus of €6,000. Without forgetting that the latter is brought down by 1000 euros next Julyfor a maximum ecological bonus of 5000 €. Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain an ecological bonus up to €2,000 (€1,000 on July 1, 2022).

An announcement in addition to that made by the manufacturer on the increase in the price of its superchargers.

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