The Tesla Model 3 loses its eco bonus of €6,000, the price soars

Tesla has raised the price of the cheapest Tesla Model 3. Now positioned at €46,990, it is no longer eligible for the maximum ecological bonus of €6,000. And that changes everything.

At the start of 2021, Tesla is cutting the price of its basic Model 3 so that it can claim the maximum ecological bonus. At the time, you could acquire the 100% electric sedan for €36,800 – an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Today, after two successive price increases, the Model 3 costs… €44,990.

In recent days, the Tesla Model 3 has actually gone from 43,800 to 44,990 €, then from 44,990 to 46,990 €. This is the second development that considerably increases the cost of acquisition: at €46,990, Tesla’s bestseller is no longer eligible for the maximum ecological bonus, awarded to 100% electric cars under €45,000. The reduction then increases to €2,000.

Tesla Model 3 // Source: Screenshot

The Model 3 remains an interesting car at this price

As you will have understood, because of the rules of the ecological bonus (which is calculated on levels rather than on a % of the bill), the Model 3 went from 38,990 to 44,990 € in one night. Or an increase of 6,000 € which can hurt the wallet very badly if we were planning to fall for the sedan in the coming days.

Model 3 price evolution since January 2021 :

January 2021 March 2022 March 2022
Price excluding bonus €43,800 €44,990 €46,990
Bonus awarded €7,000 €6,000 €2,000
final price €36,800 €38,990 €44,990

Why these sudden increases? It’s hard not to have a way to adapt to the context. Tesla is currently in a very tight flow situation with the standard Model 3 (due to high demand). And delivery times are soaring: by ordering a copy today, we will not be delivered before February 2023. Conversely, we can receive a Model 3 Performance, invoiced at € 59,990, from May 2022.

Despite a price/quality ratio which has mechanically fallen, it should be remembered that the Model 3 remains a very interesting car at less than €45,000. Between the comfortable size, the vertiginous performances, the unparalleled autonomy on the market, the technological advances, the well-endowed standard equipment (heated seats, heated steering wheel, etc.) or even the regular remote updates, the Model 3 keeps arguments against cars of the same price. Simply, the budget is no longer the same.

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