The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y become more comfortable, but also safer

Tesla has made some small changes to its Model 3 and Model Y. These relate in particular to the suspensions, but also to comfort and safety.

Tesla Model Y Performance, Midnight Cherry Red

Like many other manufacturers, Tesla is constantly making improvements to its cars. But unlike the majority, and even if it is starting to develop among more traditional brands, most updates are done remotely, and have been for many years. Last July, for example, Elon Musk’s firm improved the effectiveness of the adaptive suspensions of its Model S and Model X via an OTA (over-the-air) update.

Softer suspensions

Now it’s the turn of the Model 3 and Model Y, which are still very successful around the world, to benefit from a few small changes. The first relates in particular to comfort, while the suspensions of the sedan and the SUV have been reworked. An announcement made directly on Twitter by Elon Musk himself, who responds to a user’s tweet by confirming that ” the suspension of the standard (non-Performance) 3 and Y in production now offers improved comfort, without affecting handling“.

Standard (non-performance) 3 & Y suspension in production now has improved comfort, without affecting handling

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 17, 2022

If nothing more has been specified by the boss of the American brand, the site Not A Tesla App suggests that these improvements are done at the factory while no OTA update has been mentioned. For now, it would seem that only vehicles leaving the Freemont and Shanghai factories are affected by this development, while the Gigafactory in Berlin also produces Model Y Long Autonomy and Performance.

It should soon begin the assembly of the Propulsion version, available in France recently. This variant could also logically benefit from the small changes made by the brand, as well as the two new colors which are currently only available for European Model Ys.

Increased comfort and safety

But that’s not all. As Not A Tesla App explains, other improvements have also been made to the brand’s two star models. According to a certain Chris Zeng on Twitter, the brand has also upgraded the rear seats and lengthened the seat by 30 millimetres.

Attention, because only the passengers located at the ends benefit from this change, while the central place remains unchanged. The site specifies that the models leaving the Shanghai factory will be the first to benefit from this development, which will once again benefit the comfort of users.

Model Y MIC introduces two major updates:

– The length of the rear seat cushions on both sides has increased by 30 mm, – The rear seat has added an emergency mechanical door handle.

—Chris Zheng (@ChrisZheng001) October 16, 2022

Finally, the Model Y improves a very useful functionality in the event of an accident and a power cut. It is emergency manual opening for the rear doorswhereas this one was until then not very accessible.

All you have to do now is remove the rubber bottom of the door bins and lift a small flap to access a handle that allows you to operate the cable used to open the door. Only SUVs produced in the Shanghai and Fremont plant are affected, while the Berlin plant is expected to follow. The Model 3 should also benefit from this development shortly.

Later, Tesla could also equip its vehicles with an intelligent hazard warning system, capable of automatically activating and flashing in different ways depending on the type of emergency. This device also allows the damaged or broken down car to communicate with other vehicles traveling nearby.

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