The statue of a hand holding a puffed cheese snack attracts tourists to a small village

Do you know what the word “cheetle” means? It’s the orange dust that gets on your fingers when you eat Cheetos, those little puffed cheese chips. As reported in a CNN article relayed by West Francethe town of Cheadle, in Canada, is now the face of this neologism.

Since last weekend, a huge statue has appeared in this village of less than a hundred inhabitants, located in Alberta. The curious flock to observe a hand nearly five meters high, with fingers sprinkled with “cheetle” and brandishing a Cheetos. According to a resident interviewed by Global News, “there has been a lot of car traffic” since the inauguration of the statue.

A traveling sculpture

This funny appearance is, of course, a marketing campaign imagined by the brand of aperitif products, distributed by PepsiCo Foods Canada. The sign chose the town of Cheadle to install its sculpture because of the similarity with the word “cheetle”.

However, the giant hand and its snack will not stay here: from November 4, it will be possible to admire it in other parts of Canada. “We’re excited to celebrate the ‘Cheetle’ and ‘Cheetos’ sprinkled fingertips of Canadians on such a grand scale and in such a unique and playful way,” the ad campaign manager said in a statement. hurry.

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