The SPA opens its doors in October to unclog its refuges

More than 7,600 dogs, cats and rodents are waiting for a second chance. The SPA will open its doors to the public on the 2nd weekend of October in order to unclog its refuges after another summer which abandonments have made difficult. Between May 1 and August 31, 16,457 animals were collected.

“The worrying record of abandonments this summer testifies to a fragile situation once again putting our teams to the test”, testifies Jacques-Charles Fombonne, the president of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). He hopes that on October 8 and 9 “this festive and solidarity event will make the public aware of the importance of welcoming an animal into a family, and that a large number of those who have been left behind will come out satisfied. this week-end “.

Clearly define the profile of the adopter

And before entrusting an animal to a new owner, to avoid a new abandonment, the staff of the shelters will define the profile of the adopter: his experience with animals, his reception conditions – house, apartment, green spaces nearby – and in particular his family environment (composition of the family, presence of young children or imminent arrival of a baby, presence of other animals in the home).

For its part, the 30 million Friends Foundation is renewing its aid to dogs in 130 independent shelters until December with its “Acting for adoption” scheme. This operation makes it possible to deliver millions of meals for dogs in shelters and promote their adoption. In 2021, it offered 2 million meals thanks to the participation of more than a million French people in this food donation campaign.

“In October, a meeting will shake up your life! ”, launched the SPA in a press release published this Thursday for the attention of visitors to its 63 refuges and SPA houses.

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