The Silence Animal association in Mouscron took in 86 animals from a home in Ellezelles

This weekend was not easy for the Silence Animal association located in the heart of the Cité des Hurlus. This Sunday, many volunteers actually intervened in the town of Ellezelles. “Following the request of the owner of the house, who wanted to sell it after the death of his dad, we went there because there were 86 animals on the ground”, explains the association.

At first glance, the animals would belong to a squatter. “It was difficult to make him listen to reason on the fact that he could not stay there, let alone keep animals in these conditions.

Unfortunately, the intervention of the association was far from obvious given the conditions in which the farmyard animals resided. “Many corpses were found on the spot, malnourished animals, living in deplorable conditions, many injured, suffering and deficient animals”.

A sheep with a huge fleece was also found behind the dwelling.

A total of 55 ducks, 13 geese, 6 hens, a rooster, 10 chicks and a sheep were cared for by Silence Animal.

“All of these animals are currently receiving the necessary care and will be offered for adoption after a good recovery.“, concludes the Mouscronnoise association.

In recent times, abandonments and seizures in Picardy Wallonia and elsewhere have only multiplied for associations in favor of animal welfare. In this gloomy period, non-profit organizations have never needed so much support from the population through material or financial donations.

In order to help the Silence Animal association, do not hesitate to put your stone to the building:Silence Animal Association – Groupe Teaming

The Silence Animal association in Mouscron took in 86 animals from a home in Ellezelles

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