The price of the Tesla Model 3 increases again and signals the end of the maximum bonus

In view of the latest fuel price changes, perhaps you have considered buying an electric car, or even one of the models in the Tesla catalog, but it is worth remembering that the prices of these also fluctuate. Thus, Tesla has accustomed us to modify the label of its electric cars, sometimes downwards, but sometimes also upwards, the current context of supply of raw materials not helping.

Today, it is the basic version of the Model 3 which is undergoing an increase in its price. It had already swelled by €1,190 last week, reaching €44,990. As a reminder, the ecological bonus for the purchase of a new electric car is currently set at €6,000 (€4,000 for professionals) for vehicles sold for less than €45,000. Beyond that, it is only €2,000 (identical for individuals and professionals). The slightest option could therefore cause the Model 3 to lose its eligibility for the maximum bonus.

An ecological bonus that goes from 6000 € to 2000 €

Now, Model 3 customers will no longer have to sacrifice options, since the base version is no longer eligible for the maximum bonus anyway. Thus, its price has increased once again, rising to €46,990, then now to €49,990, an increase of €5,000. Bonus deducted, the new price of a Model 3 without options is therefore €47,990, compared to €38,990 just a few days ago.

As a reminder, at the end of 2021, the basic version of the Model 3 received a new, higher capacity battery compared to the old Standard Plus version, and now claims a WLTP range of 491 km.

This price increase now affects the Model 3 Grande Autonomie, sold on the manufacturer’s website from €62,990 excluding state aid, an increase of €3,000.
It claims a range of 602 km thanks to a larger battery and has a second electric motor on its front axle, giving it four-wheel drive and better performance.

We imagine that some rivals are delighted with this inflation. The way thus clears for the electric Renault Mégane E-Tech, for example, the price of the high-end versions of which was not so far from an entry-level Model 3.

Note that if Tesla resists the shortage of semiconductors better than other manufacturers, the delivery times for a Model 3 ordered today are quite long. You will therefore have to wait until February 2023 before receiving your car, excluding the Performance version for which deliveries are scheduled for May 2022.

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