The number of adoptions is in free fall in the shelters: “We receive no request”

Due to inflation, more and more people are abandoning their animals in shelters. Questioned by our colleagues from the RTBF during the animal welfare fair which took place in Binche, the director of the SPA of La Louvière, Gaëtan Sgualdino indicated that the requests for abandonment had increased from 10 to 15 per year to 10 to 15 per month.

Within Picardy Wallonia, the situation also seems problematic, particularly in terms of adoptions. “Of course, we are facing a lot of dropouts at this time of year but not more than usual”says Sophie Locatelli, Vice-President of Animals in Peril and President of Aby’s Dream.

On the other hand, support for cases of abuse is unfortunately on the rise. We remain in high demand by the authorities for support”.

“In terms of adoptions, requests have decreased by 99%

Adopting an animal requires a lot of responsibility on the part of its new owners. Feeding it and providing it with the necessary care are not free of charge, whereas today more and more people are paying attention to their expenses. “In terms of adoptions, requests have decreased by 99%“, continues Sophie Locatelli.

“We really have zero demand. In one week, I received two emails for information but that’s it. In my opinion, the gloomy climate in which we are and the financial problems do not encourage the population to adopt in shelters. I see absolutely no other explanation”.

Consequently, Animals in Peril is now saturated. “The situation is becoming dramatic. It is even difficult to find a foster family. Again this Monday, we went into intervention as part of a seizure. If the situation continues in this direction, we will having to refuse support for lack of space“, concludes the professional who hopes however that this problem is only temporary and that the animals will quickly find a family.

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