the new aperitif trend from TikTok

On TikTok, many Internet users show themselves to be testing a new recipe, the butter board.

TikTok is never done reinventing itself. For the past few days, a new recipe has emerged on the social network, adapted to everyone’s tastes.

No more cheese or charcuterie boards, the new aperitif trend is the butter board. The concept is simple: spread a thick layer of soft butter on a board and decorate it according to your preferences: figs, onions, herbs, flowers…

The hashtag #butterboard, literally “butter board”, has already collected nearly 130 million views.

This recipe emerged when New York chef Justine Doiron showed her version on the social network on September 16. It was actually inspired by a recipe from American chef Joshua McFadden. He also commented on the success of the concept: “Looks like the secret of the butter planks is out,” he joked in an Instagram post.

The recipe has already been hijacked by Internet users showing their pasta boards or speculoos cream.

In fact, boards have been popular on TikTok for quite some time. Many users have already shown their “board evening” or “bring your board evening”. As with the butter board, the trend has garnered tens of millions of views on the social network.

Again, the idea is simple. Each guest at a party should bring a tray full of items of the same theme. It can be quite classic (charcuterie, chocolate, crisps, sweets, fruit…), or more conceptual (food by color, face masks…).

In general, food has a very important place on TikTok. Regularly, new trendy recipes emerge thanks to the social network, such as feta pasta or “salmon rice bowl“, where rice, salmon, mayonnaise, sriracha and soy sauce are mixed together. The hashtag #food has thus generated 375 billion views on the platform.

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