The much cheaper Teslas, are they coming soon?

Since its creation, the Tesla brand has never ceased to democratize. First offering an elite two-seater sports car, the American manufacturer then marketed a large family sedan and then an SUV of the same size. More recently, Tesla sales have exploded around the world with the arrival of the famous, more compact Model 3 and its SUV derivative, the Model Y.

And now that the development of the Cybertruck pick-up and the large Semi truck is almost complete, the Tesla teams will be able to work on the new third-generation modular platform, the one that will come after that of the Model S and Model X and that of the Model 3 and Model Y. On the occasion of the conference on the financial results of the third half of 2022, Elon Musk gave some interesting information about this future third generation platform.

Much cheaper to produce

“With this future platform, we will certainly exceed the production of all our models combined. It will benefit from everything we’ve learned from the first Model S to our latest releases. We had managed to reduce the costs by 50% on the second generation platform compared to the first and I hope that we will again manage to reduce the costs by half for this third generation. “.

Will this halving of production costs make it possible to sell cars 50% cheaper than the current Model 3? This is obviously the question that interests everyone. For a few years now, the rumor of an entry-level compact Tesla at €25,000 or €30,000 has regularly come to the fore and with the arrival of its new platform, Tesla will finally have the tools to design a car. Of this genre. Obviously remains to be seen how far the brand will be able to lower the selling price, in a context of inflation where the costs of materials and energy continue to climb.

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