The moving video of the reunion between a woman and her cat who had disappeared 5 years earlier

Carmen had been desperate since her cat Elmo disappeared. He was 7 years old when he disappeared in 2017. 5 years have passed since then, and the young woman finally returned to hope recently when she received a surprise phone call. The video posted on his TikTok account and tracing this story has gone viral.

Never lose hope. This is the message that Carmen addressed to all owners of cats who have lost track of their pets. She does not specify the circumstances in which her feline friend was found after 5 long years, but her video shared on TikTok and returning to this story is most moving. It is relayed by Newsweek.

Illustration of the article: The moving video of the reunion between a woman and her cat who had disappeared 5 years earlier
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Everything was fine for the young woman and her cat Elmo until 2017 and the disappearance of the latter. The quadruped in the white and black dress was 7 years old at the time. She had tried everything to find him, in particular by posting wanted notices on social networks.

Publications that can also be seen in the video in question, posted on August 20 on TikTok. Elmo had returned to her 4 days earlier.


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5 years passed and our hope was gone “, can we read at the beginning of the sequence, including photos of the cat before his departure.

“We found your cat”

Then I got a call on August 16: ‘we found your cat’ “, we then learn, before discovering the images showing the animal, now 12 years old, in the arms of Carmen.

The title of the video is quite telling: “ That’s the reason I never give up hope “.

Carmen shared a sequel soon after, still on TikTok. She explains thatElmo has a broken tail and is starting to lose his vision. Overall, however, he is doing better. ” He regains strength and regains his health. “, she assures.

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? Goodnight Sweet Possums – From “Ice Age The Meltdown” – John Powell


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