the “Model Y” becomes the best-selling new car in Europe!

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More than 29,000 copies sold in September…

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( — Tesla’s Model Y was the best-selling new car in Europe in September, even surpassing some of the most popular combustion engine models… Sales have more than tripled over one yearto expect just over 29,000 units, well above Peugeot and its 208 city car (electric and thermal) and its approximately 19,600 units, according to figures from the consulting firm Jato.

The success of the crossover, produced in the Tesla factory in Germany since this year, has offset a drop in sales of the Model 3, penalized by supply concerns at the carmaker’s factory in China.

Tesla’s sales in Europe tend to perform well in the last month of each quarter, according to Jato. But the performance remains impressive nonetheless, with total third-quarter shipments up 17% from a year ago, and nearly doubling from 2020.

In front of VW!

The European auto market remained mired for much of the year in protracted supply chain issues, which weighed on its production. While some of this pressure is easing, consumers are now facing a jump in their energy bills and soaring interest rates – which is already weighing on demand. Most builders are holding out for now, handling orders they couldn’t fulfill before…

Fully electric cars represented 15.6% of total registrations in Europe over the first nine months of the year. In September, combined sales of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 reached nearly 42,000 units, four times more than Volkswagen’s ID.4 and ID.3.


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