the Minister of Commerce publishes his report

The Ministry of Trade and Export Development released a statement on Sunday, September 25, 2022, to outline the results of the specific economic control program during the period from August 23 to September 24, 2022.

The economic control services, in collaboration with the security services, noted 8,363 economic offenses:

– 2848 infringements for fruit and vegetables.

– 1592 violations for poultry and eggs.

– 3443 offenses for the distribution of subsidized products

– 480 offenses for school supplies.

Products were also seized:

– 6310 tons of fruits and vegetables

– 26.81 tonnes of poultry meat

– 81300 eggs

– 168 tons of subsidized flour

– 13601 liters of subsidized vegetable oil

– 4539 liters of milk

– 48.3 tonnes of bulk white sugar

– 110417 pieces of school supplies

– 106053 liters of mineral water

– 123 tons of building materials (cement, iron)

– 19399 packs of cigarettes

The ministry specifies that during this period, 47 regional control operations were carried out throughout the Tunisian territory, resulting in 13,954 additional inspection visits and the detection of 3,438 economic offences.

The department adds that 35 storage warehouse control operations led to the seizure of 6,211 tons of fruits and vegetables, including 4,977 tons of potatoes, 1,224 tons of onions and 10 tons of other fruits and vegetables.


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