the marshmallow teddy bears loved by children withdrawn from supermarkets

The DGCCRF just launched a massive recall of a product marketed in stores Crossroads. The item in question? The marshmallow bears. This confectionery crosses the generations and continues to invite itself into the most greedy households. In 1962 it was Michael Cathychocolate factory Bouquet of Goldwhich is inspired by confectionery made from marshmallow surrounded by milk chocolate in fairgrounds. He then invented the first Little Bear, 6 cm high and 2 cm thick.

60 years old and not a wrinkle for the fetish confectionery of Cémoi chocolate maker ! The 12.7 grams that make up the bear give it a perfect balance between soft marshmallow and crunchy milk chocolate. In the mouth, the flavors seduce the little ones with their comforting side… but also the greatest! The delicacy then brings up a flood of memories. An unchanged and never equaled recipe which has set out to conquer the Canada and United States under the name ” So Pretty “.

Marshmallow bears recalled in Carrefour stores

If you are fond of marshmallow bears, you will have to open your cupboards to make a verification. The Carrefour brand has, in fact, launched a recall of its batches of marshmallow teddy bears sold in large quantity. The reason ? The ” risk of presence of metallic foreign bodies “Says the RappelConso site. The product, marketed in all Carrefour stores in France, must not not be consumed.

These are two batches of marshmallow bears that are covered by the reminder sheet issued by RappelConso. This is a 1 kg box sold under the brand Carrefour Classic. All lots sold from May 24, 2022 to September 7, 2022 are affected. Carrefour specifies: Due to the risk of injuries / side effects following ingestion of this product, as a precaution, it is recommended that people […] not to eat them. »

For all those concerned by the purchase of these confectioneries, it is necessary to bring them back to the point of sale to obtain a repayment. You can go to any Carrefour supermarket. For more information, a crystal number is available to consumers on 0805 500 085, Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The recall procedure will end on October 7 next.

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The RappelConso platform launched to better inform consumers

Developed by ministries Economy, Agriculture and Ecological Transition, the online platform RappelConso intends centralize alerts on the products General public », food and non-food products for everyday consumption, deemed dangerous or defective. If you are one of the users of Twitter, the platform shares the products affected by the recalls on a daily basis. A good way to stay informed and preserve your health. Note that the medications and defective medical devices subject to an alert will not be listed on RappelConso. They will instead continue to be published by the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM).

In recent days, product recalls have multiplied for potential risks or due to the proven presence of listeria. Carrefour has recalled lots of charcuterie, as indicated on the government website RappelConso this Thursday, September 8. The product concerned is a Family charcuterie platter – superior cured ham, superior rosette, pancetta, smoked bacon, coppa » sold under the brand black mountain. It is a tray in a protective atmosphere whose batch number is: 210153597. Its use-by date was set for October 30, 2022.

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