The list of Tesla Superchargers open to everyone is growing

Tesla Supercharger

14 additional stations have been opened to all electric vehicle drivers, for a total of 46 stations in France.

Since the beginning of this year, Tesla has opened up access to Superchargers to its competitors (with a CCS socket). It started in France with 16 stations, there are now 46. The list has just been extended this week with 14 additional stations. This represents a total of 722 terminals open to the public. Tesla thus says it is consolidating its position as “the leader in fast charging in France”.

The new stations open to those who do not have a Tesla are: Aire des Portes d’Angers, Avallon, Beaune, Bordeaux-Mérignac, Dijon, Eurotunnel-Terminal, Eurotunnel-Flexiplus Lounge, Fontainebleau-Ury, Langon, Nantes (La Chapel on Edre), Metz, Niort, Saint-Brieuc and Saintes.

Be careful, however: faced with soaring electricity prices, Tesla has just raised prices for Superchargers. The brand’s customers now pay €0.67 per kWh and those who do not have a subscription pay €0.79 per kWh.

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