The Lauryvan restaurant in Saint-Junien is desperately looking for a gas supplier

Lauryvan, a restaurant opened in 1996 in Saint-Junien, will it close down? This is what his boss, Laurent Breuil, who wrote his distress to Emmanuel Macron, Élisabeth Borne, Bruno le Maire, the Minister of Economy and Finance, or even the president of the CCI of Haute-Vienne, fears. Pierre Massy.

So many bottles in the sea to denounce an unbearable rise in the price of gas. “I pay 19 euros per megawatt hour to my current supplier and a sales representative told me that I was going to pay 220 euros, or 430% increase, on January 1. And if I don’t accept, they disengage. We tried to look for a new supplier, in vain. But I need the flame to cook! I fight for my 8 employees. I can’t see myself wishing them a happy new year before telling them that they no longer have a job. »

‘Some people don’t know’

Laurent Breuil now admits his impotence. ” What should be done ? Pass the menu from 20 to 220 euros, lose customers, and close the restaurant? Paying gas at this price also means closing the restaurant? “Because it is “oppressive” to live in this uncertainty, – “I even developed psoriasis from it”, he says, showing his hands – the boss of Lauryvan advocates the creation locally, by the Prefecture or the Chamber of Commerce, of a crisis unit to obtain advice, a list of energy suppliers and any aid to which employers are entitled.

“We talk about individuals all the time in the media. But if we don’t help companies, there are no more employees, ”says the one who employs 8 people. And who hopes, through his letters, through the press, to alert his colleagues. “I am sure that some are not aware that certain gas contracts will not be renewed…”

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