The increasingly invasive raccoon preys on hunters and is popular

From the animal protected and admired at the Zoological Park of Guadeloupe, the Raccoon, known as “racoon” in Creole, is now classified as an “invasive alien species”. It proliferates in the archipelago, to the point of bothering a segment of the population. Others hunt it and revel in it.

The raccoon, says “raccoon” in Guadeloupe, is increasingly considered a pest, locally. Since 2020, it is even officially classified among the “invasive alien species“, after a period when it was a protected species.

It is no longer rare to cross paths with this omnivorous mammal, usually nocturnal and discreet. As its numbers increase, it leaves the wooded areas and reaches the towns, until it becomes invasive.

His mistake is to rub a little too close to humans and their centers of interest. Indeed, these animals attack chickens, food crops, enter homes and help themselves, attracted by everything that is there (objects, food, etc.).

I look, I see a big raccoon who is in the house, he is helping himself, without fear. I said to myself: but it is not possible! (…) It passes every day.

Jacques Viloin, owner of a house squatted by a racoon in Anse-Bertrand

By this type of behavior, they make more and more enemies, within the population.
The Racoon is a predator that must be guarded against for breeders.

It’s not nice to see the racoon come and eat your beasts. Nevertheless, it is also part of nature, it must live too!

Yves Xavir, chicken breeder

Some set traps. This is the case of Thomas, who did not wish to show his face:

It devastates everything. If you put the trap in your garden, where you grow yams or potatoes, the chain must be short. If you put a chain of two meters, these are two meters where you will have nothing!

Thomas, raccoon hunter

They are also in mortal danger, because their flesh is highly valued. Here they are, therefore, prey to hunters, who feed tables that are not much talked about.

Eating a good well-cooked raccoon, with the right ingredients and with local ingredients, gives the pleasure of being able to observe and eat it!

Thomas estimates that about fifty racoons have been captured in his hunting area since the beginning of the year.

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