The hilarious video of a Labrador Retriever denounced by his peers after making a mistake

This video has gone viral on social networks and we can guess why. It shows how animals understand humans perfectly and are able to express themselves. The 5 dogs here are terribly endearing. The community was not insensitive.

Drawing :

The sequence was posted by the user hanan_elkon on a TikTok account that collects videos of animals of all kinds: dogs, cats, but also birds or kangaroos.

On this one, we can observe a group of 5 canids sitting next to each other. The master, who is filming, shows them a blue plastic chair completely ravaged by the fangs of a doggie.

Obviously, the author of the facts had had a field day, probably out of boredom. The seat is no longer usable. Their owner then asks his faithful furry companions who is responsible for this destruction.

The doggies, of Labrador Retriever and Poodle breed, undoubtedly do not appreciate the fact of being reprimanded in place of their congener.

Suddenly, one of them raises his paw and puts it on his neighbor’s head to denounce him.


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Accused by all of his congeners

The other dogs then signal in turn that it is indeed him, and him alone, so as not to be disputed further.

The video has been viewed more than 30 million times around the world and has generated many reactions from Internet users:

“Poor Caramel… Often the whistleblower is the real culprit”, “can we talk about how the dogs understood what their owner was asking for”, “sir, accept your dog’s apology and give him everything likewise her treat please”can we read in the comments.

The author of the video then posted a second similar sequence, with a damaged pair of scissors. This time, it is the little brown Poodle who has been named as the culprit.

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