The hilarious video of a greedy dog ​​who did not pass up the opportunity offered to him by a delivery man by dropping a tasty dish

Dogs are usually greedy, especially when it comes to a steaming meat dish kindly offered by an inattentive delivery man. This dog, named Caramel, did not hesitate for a second before grabbing the package that had fallen to the ground and enjoyed it. The courier remained in disbelief.

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Roseilson Melo is a young employee of a Brazilian restaurant. He is responsible for delivering the refined specialties carefully prepared by the chef de cuisine to the customers.

Earlier in September, he left as usual with his scooter equipped with an insulated bag filled with various controls to carry out his mission of the day: to satisfy the palate of consumers.

Arrived at a house, he got out of his machine, opened the bag and grabbed a dish to deliver it to the gate of a house. However, during his operation, he accidentally dropped a well-packaged order on the ground.

Caramel, a nice dog who was passing by at the time sniffed the appetizing dish and naturally grabbed it. He can be seen making himself comfortable on the other side of the roadway to rip the wrapper off with his fangs and feast.

A puzzled delivery man

Roseilson was left speechless when he discovered his bag was empty, although he still had a delivery pending.

“The customer did not believe that the food had disappeared”said tharles costathe owner of the restaurant, to The Dodo.

The young courier must have been afraid of getting in trouble with his employer and was pleading his good faith. He hadn’t left his scooter for a minute and couldn’t understand how this could have happened.

“He arrived at the bistro perplexed, not knowing what to do”confirmed tharles hilarious.

The 2 men therefore asked permission to view the CCTV cameras of the premises. It was there that they discovered the petty thief and his wrongdoing.

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However, Roseilson didn’t resent the cute malefactor he later met in happy circumstances. He will have a nice anecdote to tell about his difficult job as a delivery man for a restaurant.


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