The first broth restaurant in Lille will open in a secret location near Grand Place | Discoveries

Finally, Lille will have the right to its very first broth ! These cult Parisian establishments are becoming more and more fashionable. For the little story, “Created by the butcher Pierre Duval in 1860, the popular restaurant called “bouillon” offered a unique menu, based on meat… obviously served with its bowl of broth, hence the name of the establishment. first Parisian broth, located rue de la Monnaie, has disappeared, other jewels of the end of the 19th century are still held in the streets of Paris, like the Chartier broths.

Good news, a broth identical to these Parisian establishments will open in Lille on October 27. You will find there all the great traditions of French cuisine at very affordable prices. Everything will be cooked with fresh and good quality products. On the menu: all the French classics like the classics eggs mayosnails, veal stew, shepherd’s pie and for dessert, rum baba or chocolate mousse. On the price side: “We offer a menu with starters from €1.50, dishes at prices from a menu of major American fast-food chains and desserts that do not exceed €5.00” we are written. “Our products are fresh and of good quality: we buy from local producers in the region to promote the short circuit in order to guarantee the customer a very good quality/price ratio. In addition, to be able to offer these prices, we have thought about the use of products that can be cooked in several dishes and in different ways, which allows us to fight against waste..”

Whether the location remains secret and will be revealed to the public 2 days before the openingwe already know that the broth will be located in a spot historical on the Grand Place side! Stay tuned for more…

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