the final rear of the electric pickup is revealed

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A video allows us to discover what the light signature of the Tesla Cybertruck looks like. The rear of the electric pick-up is presented in the final version.

Tesla continues to develop the Cybertruck, its electric pickup, with a view to launching production in 2023. Still being improved, the model continues its transition from concept to vehicle.

A video on Twitter showed what the rear part of the Cybertruck looks like in its latest version. The luminous line which overhangs the rear of the vehicle is equipped with three brake lights in the centre.

They are added to the two lights present at the ends of this same luminous line. These two lights serve as rear lights, but also gain in intensity when the brake pedal is operated.

Their central placement is directly vertical to the location for the license plate. We also discover that it is around this that the reversing lights are located.

For the moment, no change is to be noted on the front part, with the light signature in line. The size and shape of the electric pickup do not change, a few months from production.

The Cybertruck, which Elon Musk promises to be amphibious, will use the brand’s new 4680 cells. Deliveries are expected to begin sometime in 2023 in the United States.

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