the epidemiological investigation excludes contamination by wildlife

How did the avian flu arrive in the Dordogne? The question does not yet have a definitive answer because the epidemiological investigation carried out by the State services is still in progress but according to the first elements, the contamination does not come from a migratory bird or wildlife. Elements “reassuring” according to Yannick Frances vice-president of the Chamber of Agriculture, because that would mean that the case would be isolated and that there would be less risk of spreading to other farms.

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Comings and goings examined

Among the other hypotheses explored by the epidemiological investigation, contamination via transport. Veterinary services list all those who have entered breeding of Saint-Georges-Blancaneix and in particular cars because the virus can move that way.

This may be trucks that brought food, those that transported the little pullets or even those that came to vaccinate them. The trucks circulated in other departments so it is a question of whether, following their passages, outbreaks were declared or not. It’s a job that will take time warns Catherine Carrère-Farose, the director of the DDETSPP (the departmental directorate for employment, work, solidarity and population protection).

No new case detected in the department

Finally, the survey shows that the breeder has complied with all biosecurity measures and that the little hens had been confined as requested. Since the discovery of the case of bird flu on October 21, the 43,000 pullets from the two farms in the area have been slaughtered. Since then, there have been no other suspicions according to the prefecture.

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