The entry-level Tesla is expected to arrive in 2025

We are starting to know a little more about the future affordable Tesla, which should arrive by 2025. It will be much cheaper than the Model 3.

We’ve been hearing about the arrival of a very accessible model in the Tesla range for quite some time now. And for good reason, for the time being, the range is still quite expensive, even if it now offers cheaper alternatives, such as the Model 3 or Model Y. Indeed, these are then around 50,000 €, which remains of course much more affordable than a Model S or a Model X. But many motorists still cannot afford Tesla, for lack of means. Thus, to attract these customers, the brand would currently be working on the development of an even cheaper model, currently known as “Baby Tesla”.

Launch in 2025

Announced as costing much less than the other models in the catalog by Elon Musk himself, this new model should therefore see the light of day in the course of the year 2025. It will then arrive after the Tesla Cybertruck and Semi, two important projects for the American manufacturer. The boss of the brand then affirms that “we think that for the cost of a Model 3, we will be able to manufacture two copies of the new car”, which according to him will be ” the best-selling Tesla in history“. Thus, it will exceed the Model 3 and Model Y which are currently enjoying great success.

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A new platform

This new car should be based on a whole new platform100% new which should therefore be operational from 2025. But for the time being, we do not yet know anything about its technical sheet, but we could expect a lower power compared to the Model 3. The price should as for around 30,000 €, but it will still be necessary to wait before knowing a little more about it.

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