the entire Steam game library soon on board American cars?

Being able to play Cyberpunk 2077 but also and above all all the games in the rich Steam catalog is what Tesla would work on.

While it is already possible to play certain video games on board Teslas, for example using the “Passenger Play” feature, Elon Musk would like to go further and would simply consider integrating the Steam catalog into his cars, rather than integrating games on a case-by-case basis. He clarified this in response to a question from a client on Twitter who was wondering when Cyberpunk 2077 would be available on the Model S and Model X. But is it really possible?

Model S and Model X as powerful as a Playstation 5

It’s a day to day power thing sonic or a demo of Cupheadit’s quite another to play a game as complete and technically demanding as the action-RPG mentioned above or The Witcher 3, another title to which it would be possible to play. However, the computing power of the latest Tesla Model S and X would have nothing to envy to that of a last generation console like the Playstation 5. Playing AAA games could be technically possible. Elon Musk had also made a demonstration during the presentation of the Plaid and showed that it was possible to play Cyberpunk. But it should still take a few years before this feature really lands on board Tesla models.

Published on 02/25/2022 Updated 02/25/2022

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